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These are publications that have at least some useful on-line content - I've not listed chapters and reports with paper-only versions. Those citations with a '*' have the complete text available FREE on-line, whilst other links are to summaries, publisher's details or whatever. Subscribers to relevant journals should be able to access the articles' contents, but some visitors may not (sorry).

Most of these links take you off site; many of the publications are jointly authored.

[ 2019 ]

Just a quick blog about use of the terms 'prostitute' and 'sex work' in the Houses of Parliament.

[ 2011 ]
* Review of the child material deprivation items in the family resources survey.
* Understanding financial capability in Canada: Analysis of the CFCS.
'Scientific Method in Social Policy Research Is Not a Lost Cause' in Journal of Social Policy

[ 2010 ]
* Using the new Family Resources Survey question block to measure material deprivation among pensioners.
* Secondary analysis of low-income working households in the private rented sector: Part A Analysis of the General Household Survey and the Family Resources Survey.
* Training and progression in the labour market.
* The effects of twins and multiple births on families and their living standards .
"Where do we stand on inequality?" in Journal of Poverty and Social Justice vol 18 no 1.
* The case for social care reform: the wider economic and social benefits by Glasby, J., Ham. C, Littlechild, R. and McKay, S.
"Never too old? Attitudes towards longer working lives" pp 159-192 (chapter 8) in Park, A., Curtice, J., Thomson, K., Phillips, M., Clery, E. and Butt, S. (editors) British Social Attitudes: The 26th Report London: Sage Publications

[ 2009 ]
"Income maintenance and taxation" pp185-209 in Bochel, H., Bochel, C., Page, R. and Sykes, R. (editors) Social Policy: Themes, Issues and Debates, 2nd edition, Harlow: Pearson Education, ISBN 978-1-4058-5836-6
"Reforming pensions - investing in the future" in Millar, J. (editor) Understanding social security, 2nd edition, Bristol: the Policy Press

[ 2008 ]
* Measuring material deprivation among older people: Methodological study to revise the Family Resources Survey questions (DWP Working Paper No 54)
Social security and welfare reform pp 53-72 in Powell, M. (editor) Modernising the welfare state: The Blair legacy Bristol: The Policy Press
Debt and savings pp 52-59 in Strelitz, J. and Lister, R. (editors) Why money matters: Family income, poverty and children's lives London: Save the children
* Exploring disability, family formation and break-up: Reviewing the evidence (DWP Research Report No 514)
* Debt and Older People, how age affects attitudes to borrowing [2.6MB], Report for Help the Aged

[ 2007 ]
* Women's financial assets and debts Report by the Fawcett Society
* Sole and joint birth registration: Exploring the circumstances, choices and motivations of unmarried parents (DWP Research Report No 463)
* Health, disability, caring and employment: Longitudinal analysis (DWP Research Report No 461)
* Disability and caring among families with children: Family employment and poverty characteristics (DWP Research Report No 460)
Social Policy Review 19, containing a new chapter on social security in 2006.
* Attitudes to Pensions: the 2006 Survey (DWP Research Report No 434)
* Levels of Financial Capability in the UK in Public Money & Management, vol. 27 issue 1 pages 29-36 (February).

[ 2006 ]
* Future policy options for child support: The views of parents. (DWP Research Report no 380)
* [1.3MB] Employers' Pension Provision Survey 2005. (DWP Research Report no 329)
* The consistency of RAE outcomes in the social sciences: A quantitative comparison of social policy and cognate subjects in RAE 2001 in Social Policy and Society vol 5 (1) pp 1-13
* [935Kb] Levels of Financial Capability in the UK: Results of a baseline survey, results of an FSA-sponsored national survey and new analysis.
* Closing the Savings Gap? The Role of the Saving Gateway Local Economy, Vol. 21, No. 1. (February 2006), pp. 25-35.

[ 2005 ]
* Retirement Resources: The Role of Housing Assets and Bequests in Quality in Ageing Vol 6 issue 4 pp 12-23
* [300k] Investigating the compliance of Child Support Agency clients. (DWP Research Report no 285)
Inheritance Report cover * Attitudes to inheritance, results of a JRF-sponsored national survey.
* Debt: envy, penury or necessity? Chapter 6 in ESRC's publication, Seven Deadly Sins: a new look at society through an old lens. The whole report is available at the bottom of the press release.
* London's one-parent families in Bristol University's re:search magazine highlighting staff research.
Lone motherhood and socio-economic disadvantage: insights from quantitative and qualitative evidence. The Sociological Review, vol 53 no 1, (pp. 30-49)
* [400k] Incentives to save: Encouraging saving among low-income households. This is the final report of the Saving Gateway evaluation, published on the HM Treasury website.
* [380k] Child support reform: The views and experiences of CSA staff and new clients. (DWP Research Report no 232)

[ 2004 ]
* [560k] Attitudes to inheritance: A Literature Review and Secondary Analysis of Data. Link is to an MS-Word Document.
Charting change in the devolved administrations: assessing the evidence base in Benefits, Volume 12, Issue 3, (October 2004) pp. 183-190
Poverty or preference: What do 'consensual deprivation indicators' really measure? Fiscal Studies, June 2004, vol. 25, iss. 2, pp. 201-223, London: Institute for Fiscal Studies. This is a link to Fiscal Studies at Ingenta. You'll have to browse from there. For the time-pressed IFS still have the Press Release available.
* [550k] Lone parents in London - Quantitative analysis of differences in paid work (DWP In house report No. 136)
* Characteristics of Families in Debt and the Nature of Indebtedness (DWP Research Report No. 211)
* Developing deprivation questions for the Family Resources Survey (DWP Working Paper No. 13)

[ 2003 ]
* [2.8 MB!!] Local Area Characteristics and Individual Behaviour (DWP In house report No. 123)
Quantifying Quality: Can Quantitative Data ("Metrics") Explain the 2001 RAE Ratings for Social Policy and Administration? in Social Policy and Administration October 2003 pp 444 - 467 (link to abstract)
* Savings and Life Events (DWP Research Report No. 194)
* The Dynamics of Lone Parents, Employment and Poverty in Great Britain in Sociologia e politica sociale, n.2 2003 (an Italian journal of sociology and social politics)
* Working after State Pension Age: Quantitative Analysis (DWP Research Report No. 182)
* Working Families' Tax Credit in 2001 (DWP Research Report 181)

[ 2002 ]

BSA report cover'Buy now, pay later?' pp 27-41 in British Social Attitudes: the 19th Report. There's a word format Press Release or see a summary of this chapter
* Low/moderate-income families in Britain: Changes in living standards 1999-2000 (DWP Research Report 164)
* Employers' Pension Provision 2000 (DWP Research Report No 163)

LPF report coverSome publisher's information regarding Lone parent families: gender, class and state.

* Low/moderate-income families in Britain: Work, WFTC and Childcare in 2000 (DSS Research Report No 161)

[ 2001 ]
* Low-income families in Britain (DSS Research Report No. 138)

[ 2000 ]
* The British Lone Parent Cohort 1991 to 1998 (DSS Research Report No. 128)
* Self-Employment over the Lifetime (DSS Research Report No 120)
* Building Up Pension Rights (DSS Research Report No. 114)
* Understanding the Impact of Jobseeker's Allowance (DSS Research Report No. 111)

[ 1999 ]
Unemployment and Jobseeking After the Introduction of Jobseeker's Allowance (DSS Research Report No. 99)

[ 1997 ]
Unemployment and Jobseeking Before JSA (DSS Research Report No. 73)